Sam and Collette’s Wedding

Sam and Collette had their wedding at Court Farm in Ditchling, East Sussex in the most perfect summer weather. When i visited their cottage in the morning Collette’s fridge was full of film and a little bit of alcohol.She captured some of the day herself with vintage cameras and an amazing panoramic device. There were lots of artistic details with handmade invitations and favours and the level of organisation wasn’t really surprising at a wedding of two teachers.It was a pleasure to take their wedding photos and i hope they’re having a great honeymoon. FIA_8502sFIA_8512sFIA_8518sFIA_8525sLEO_1497_ppsLEO_1496_ppsLEO_1546sLEO_1608_ppsLEO_1687sLEO_1686sLEO_1621sLEO_1631sLEO_1662sLEO_1697sFIA_8724sLEO_1802sLEO_1650sLEO_1683sFIA_8907sFIA_8906sLEO_1749sFIA_8641sLEO_1822_ppsLEO_1841sLEO_1870_ppsLEO_1848sLEO_1846sFIA_8818sLEO_1991sLEO_1903sLEO_1930sLEO_2062sLEO_1993sLEO_1782sLEO_1977_ppsLEO_2066sLEO_2128sLEO_2164sLEO_2280sLEO_2260sLEO_1889_ppsLEO_2422sLEO_2561rLEO_2685sLEO_2715sLEO_2725sFIA_9043sFIA_9057sFIA_8715sFIA_9049sFIA_9076FIA_9143s

Niall and Craig

We’d great fun in the Gortin Glens with Amanda, Davy and their lovely twins, Niall and Craig. They ran, we chased them and then we did it all over again. The ducks wouldn’t eat the bread so the twins had a nibble at it themselves. Great fun and the twins are beautiful.LEO_6632sLEO_6639sLEO_6670sLEO_6672sLEO_6681sLEO_6684sLEO_6678_ppsLEO_6730sLEO_6731sLEO_6733sSAN_6659sSAN_6678_ppsSAN_6684sSAN_6686sSAN_6687sSAN_6690_ppsSAN_6695sSAN_6695sSAN_6696sSAN_6700sSAN_6703_ppsSAN_6705sSAN_6706sSAN_6707sSAN_6711sSAN_6712sSAN_6713sSAN_6715sSAN_6716sSAN_6717sSAN_6727sSAN_6729sSAN_6732sSAN_6735sSAN_6738sSAN_6744sSAN_6745sSAN_6746sSAN_6748sSAN_6759_ppsSAN_6772s


G8, Enniskillen

g8, enniskillen, fermanagh

PicMonkey Collage
Japanese Buddhist Monk and anti-nuclear campaigner, Toyoshige Sekiguchi, standing at the Cenotaph in in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland, on June 15, 2013, ahead of the G8 summit . Toyoshige Sekiguchi, from Japan, has spent the last nine days walking from Belfast to Enniskillen carrying a banner and beating a drum. The 48-year-old has has been marching for peace since 2009, and last year walked 200 miles from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to the USA’s G8 summit venue at Camp David in Maryland. “”I am peace walking for the abolition of nuclear weapons and nuclear power plants and to promote harmony of religions,” he said.

Rachel’s Photo Shoot

Rachel’s mum, Lorna, contacted me asking to do a photo shoot just prior to Rachel’s 4th birthday. She kept me regularly updated with her plans but her planning and detail on the day completely wowed me. We met at some beautiful gardens near Omagh and Lorna had arranged a treasure hunt complete with handmade clues. Rachel was in a pink tutu, looked beautiful and was so co-operative.
We followed the clues which led to a picnic area where Rachel’s toys were already enjoying their tea. Further clues led to a wonderful childs digital camera which Rachel mastered in seconds and used to photograph all of us.
Thanks very much to Adrian and Lorna for all the work and preparation and best wishes to Rachel on the forthcoming birthday and entry to nursery.