Sam and Collette’s Wedding

Sam and Collette had their wedding at Court Farm in Ditchling, East Sussex in the most perfect summer weather. When i visited their cottage in the morning Collette’s fridge was full of film and a little bit of alcohol.She captured some of the day herself with vintage cameras and an amazing panoramic device. There were lots of artistic details with handmade invitations and favours and the level of organisation wasn’t really surprising at a wedding of two teachers.It was a pleasure to take their wedding photos and i hope they’re having a great honeymoon. FIA_8502sFIA_8512sFIA_8518sFIA_8525sLEO_1497_ppsLEO_1496_ppsLEO_1546sLEO_1608_ppsLEO_1687sLEO_1686sLEO_1621sLEO_1631sLEO_1662sLEO_1697sFIA_8724sLEO_1802sLEO_1650sLEO_1683sFIA_8907sFIA_8906sLEO_1749sFIA_8641sLEO_1822_ppsLEO_1841sLEO_1870_ppsLEO_1848sLEO_1846sFIA_8818sLEO_1991sLEO_1903sLEO_1930sLEO_2062sLEO_1993sLEO_1782sLEO_1977_ppsLEO_2066sLEO_2128sLEO_2164sLEO_2280sLEO_2260sLEO_1889_ppsLEO_2422sLEO_2561rLEO_2685sLEO_2715sLEO_2725sFIA_9043sFIA_9057sFIA_8715sFIA_9049sFIA_9076FIA_9143s

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