Niall and Craig

We’d great fun in the Gortin Glens with Amanda, Davy and their lovely twins, Niall and Craig. They ran, we chased them and then we did it all over again. The ducks wouldn’t eat the bread so the twins had a nibble at it themselves. Great fun and the twins are beautiful.LEO_6632sLEO_6639sLEO_6670sLEO_6672sLEO_6681sLEO_6684sLEO_6678_ppsLEO_6730sLEO_6731sLEO_6733sSAN_6659sSAN_6678_ppsSAN_6684sSAN_6686sSAN_6687sSAN_6690_ppsSAN_6695sSAN_6695sSAN_6696sSAN_6700sSAN_6703_ppsSAN_6705sSAN_6706sSAN_6707sSAN_6711sSAN_6712sSAN_6713sSAN_6715sSAN_6716sSAN_6717sSAN_6727sSAN_6729sSAN_6732sSAN_6735sSAN_6738sSAN_6744sSAN_6745sSAN_6746sSAN_6748sSAN_6759_ppsSAN_6772s


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