Adam Cohen Concert, Spirit Store Dundalk

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I’m a fanatical fan of Leonard Cohen and was delighted to attend his son, Adam’s, concert in the Spirit Store Dundalk on Wednesday 3rd November.It was worth going to Dundalk just to see the Spirit Store and i came away with a real appreciation of the wonders of an old historical building renovated and devoted to the delivery of live music.

Mia Bloomfield did a great job of the warm up for Adam and i think the audience were enthralled with her enthusiasm for all things Irish.Adam performed for just over an hour and had a really warm, lively exchange for the audience. He thrilled an ardent Cohen fan in the front row by giving him his Saints bracelet;in exchange the gentleman divulged his Leonard Cohen tattoo and even Adam looked surprised. While it’s unfair to compare him with his father it’s also fair to acknowledge that Adam’s rendition of Marianne was excellent.The beer flowed freely, to the extent that i’d difficulty taking photos due to the high beer glasses deposited on our table by all our standing neighbours and I think a really good time was had by all.

It was great to hear Adam finish his concert saying he was going outside for a cigarette but would be back for a chat and photographs. On going outside, there he was with a few fans.Unfortunately i didn’t get back in again due to a slightly malfunctioning camera flash and the need to get home on a school night but i really wish Adam the very best on his tour which seems to wind up in December and thanks to him for choosing such an interesting venue.


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