Wedding tips from photographers

I belong to some excellent online photographic forums and one discussion recently has been around the best advice you would give to a bride. This could take several posts but the following are the most important for me:

  • During the kiss, kiss for longer or kiss twice
  • Choose your bouquet carefully and discuss with your florist how you’re going to carry it, remember that your height and dress style will impact on this. A well chosen bouquet is a real god send to a photographer and will help to provide a focal point in so many of your photos


  • Delegate as much as you possibly can, why save a few pounds by doing the invites if you’ll stress yourself out over it
  • Walk slowly down the aisle, enjoy the moment and make eye contact with your friends and loved ones. It makes all the difference to your  photos
  • Tell the photographer if you’re wearing special earrings,if you’ve received a special present on the morning of the wedding,is your elderly godmother at the wedding……
  • Don’t stress over the small stuff
  • Don’t feel that young children need to be told to smile or say cheese.Let their personality show through, trust your photographer


  • Have fun, show your emotions,don’t worry too much about watching the photographer. If they need you to look at them, they’ll tell you so

To be continued………


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